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The name Technology City Inc. is a book title that says the whole...
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Technology City Inc. the right choice to acquire your best and...
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At Technology City Inc., our large team of experienced and...
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If you have questions regarding technology used in the fashion industry or textile industry, you can ask questions in the fashion technology group at the fashion industry network.

If you work for a tech company that sells product to the fashion industry, you should join the technology group to help educate members regarding your products.

Integrated Textile Management System.  Altrigen supply modular textile ERP / Information Management systems to woven textile manufacturers, converters and commission processors. With modules specifically designed for weaving, mending, dyeing and finishing, together with a backbone infrastructure for sales, design, work in process, sales and inventory management, the Altrigen solution is scalable for all points in the supply chain for woven textiles. Communication via the internet using XML or EDI is a standard feature, allowing orders and stock information to be transferred seamlessly using the Altrigen Dataview system. Find more info on CCC IT here

  American Software Inc. : headquartered in Atlanta, American Software develops, markets and supports one of the industry's most comprehensive offerings of integrated business applications, including enterprise-wide, supply chain management, Internet commerce, financial, warehouse management and manufacturing packages. e-Intelliprise(TM) is a total ERP/supply chain management suite, which leverages Internet connectivity and includes multiple manufacturing methodologies, full global capability and integrated data marts. Get more helpful information about facilities management Bristol from this amazing website .

The Company's Flow Manufacturing(R) solution is the first dedicated application for automating demand-based manufacturing operations as a best-of-class client/server extension to existing ERP systems.  American Software holds 86% ownership in Logility Inc. (NASDAQ: LGTY) , a leading supplier of collaborative value chain planning solutions via the internet

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