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A Korean Travel Guide

South Korea is a greatly popular destination and is filled at the stitches with way of life. You’ll discover everything from K-pop to Korean language dramas to cosmetics and more at every convert.

The best time to visit is spring (March-May) or perhaps autumn (Mid-September – Early November). Weather conditions is great plus the scenery is in its most photogenic during these times.

Prevent summer except if you’re eager to catch the cherry flowers! These weeks are sizzling, humid and rainy.

If you’re not a admirer of perspiration it out then you can definitely always break free of to the beaches around Busan or Jeju Island. Both are the perfect areas for taking in some sunlight and seafoods!

Get dressed in a Hanbok, the traditional Korean language dress pertaining to festivals and celebrations. This is the ideal way to add a little culture on your trip, although be aware that it really is expensive.

Sip on tea at O’Sulloc Tea Areas & Art gallery

Home to the popular O’Sulloc tea fields, you’ll dating korean girls check out green tea-flavored things all over Jeju. But there is nowhere quite like this art gallery, which is attached with a massive coffeehouse preparing up lots of tea-based treats.

Cause in Like Land

One more of those sensual museums, Appreciate Land is a fantastic spot for selfies. It’s the nice location to walk around, even if note that a fresh little difficult to get if you don’t know where to look.

You’ll need to be in least 18 years old to. So should you be travelling with kids, be sure to check their age first!

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